Wednesday, 11 June 2008

bantay bilihin sa Dubai

Okay, you've probably heard rants or read stories on how high the cost of living here in Dubai.

Choithram, one of the largest supermarket chains here in the UAE, has embarked on a very unique promotion -- a Philippine Independence Day sale -- targetting the hundreds of thousands of Filipino expatriates living in the fastest, costliest place in the Gulf.

I doff my hat to Choithram for putting one over "Filipino stores" such as DeBelchior, Philippines Supermarket, Kabayan Supermarket among others for coming up with such an idea.

I see this also as an opportunity to show my non-UAE-based friends how much are the prices of goods here.

Be guided that one UAE dirham is equivalent to 12 Philippine pesos (as of 2149H according to Take a look at Choitram's promo flyer and compare the prices.

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