Saturday, 14 June 2008

Father's Day gift

Uy! Father's Day nga pala bukas. Can I greet myself "Happy Father's Day"...after all, blog ko naman to.

And since I greeted myself, nakakita rin ako ng perfect "Father's Day" gift for myself. This is what I need....tadaaaaaa

And here's how this stuff worls....... from

Okay, have a seat. We're gonna be perfectly honest with you and you may not like what you hear.

You know you're getting screwed at work. People without half your talent are being promoted left and right, while you're stuck in your dead end position. Now stop scratching your head and pay attention... here's the reason.
Everyone's better at brown nosing than you are. You have too much (note the quotes) "integrity." You're too "honest" and "straightforward." Well, you can sit there patting yourself on the back and stay a "loser" forever, or you can do something about it.
Ass Kisser Breath Spray will help you climb the corporate ladder by lowering your personal standards. Have trouble saying "yes" to the boss's bad idea? Just take a hit of this tasty cinnamon spray and you'll find yourself saying, "That's a great idea, Mr. Jones! It's an honor working for you!" (If your boss is not named "Jones," please substitute the correct name.)
You'll be amazed how far you can go with the help of Ass Kisser Breath Spray. You'll be invited to important meetings. You'll be taken to corporate dinners in swanky restaurants. And quicker than you can say "I've become the kind of person I've always despised," that elusive promotion will be handed to you on a silver platter.
Hey, we like self-esteem as much as the next guy, but try paying your mortgage with it. So the next time you're with the boss, swallow your pride and take a healthy spritz of Ass Kisser Breath Spray. You'll learn what your co-workers have always known -- Behind every brown nose, there's a lot of green!

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