Monday, 1 December 2008

'Holy Grail' of the English Premier League visits The Office

I initially thought that yesterday was just one ordinary “bloody” Sunday at the office until Jaydip suddenly stood by the Bunker’s door and announced that the Barclay’s English Premier League trophy has arrived.

To non-footie fans, it’s a non-story. No big deal. But to people who know, understand or love the game – it’s the BIG THING.

The Premiership trophy is the Holy Grail of the football world -- if I'm not mistaken -- the second most sought after crown next to the World Cup.

It was such a revered icon that a burly Brit with surgical gloves was close by, warning everyone not to touch the over two-feet high silver trophy currently possessed by Manchester United.

As my roommate, Rod Ocampo, a card-carrying member of the Los Borachos (a ‘fraternity’ of Bedans who once suited up for the Red Booters) has said: “only the gods of football get to hold that trophy.”

This is what the ever-reliable Wiki had to say about the Barclays trophy:

The current Premier League trophy was created by Royal Jewellers Asprey of London.

It weighs 4 st (25 kg/56 lb),
and is 76 cm (30 in) tall, 43 cm (17 in) wide and 25 cm
(9.8 in) deep. Its main body is solid sterling silver and
silver gilt,
while its plinth is made of malachite, a semi-precious stone.

The plinth has a silver band around its circumference, upon which the names
of the title-winning clubs are listed.

Malachite's green colour is also representative of the green field of

The design of the trophy is based on the heraldry of Three Lions that is
associated with English football. Two of the lions are found above the handles
on either side of the trophy—the third is symbolised by the captain of the title
winning team as he raises the trophy, and its gold crown, above his head at the
end of the season.

The trophy has borne several names on its face since it was first created,
when it read "The F.A. Premier League".

The one Manchester United lifted in 2006–07 read "The Barclays
Premiership", while the 2007–08 trophy simply read "Premier League". From the
2008–09 season onwards, the trophy will read "Barclays Premier League".

And here’s moi, grinning like a Cheshire cat, with an unimpeded access to the most-coveted one.

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