Saturday, 15 March 2008


Today, we mark the first anniversary of XPRESS, a weekly newspaper published by Al Nisr Media. This is where I work.

All 53 issues were literally end products of the blood, sweat and tears -- heartaches and headaches -- of its staff of diverse backgrounds, culture, beliefs, persuasion and passion.

XPRESS started in 2005 as Project X. Our motley crew was given the marching orders to develop and come up with an innovative paper that is supposed to know no limits in terms of page design and story ideas.

I'll let you decide whether we did a good job or not. Log on to our website at and see the online version of our paper. If you're based in Dubai, XPRESS comes out every Thursday and is distributed as a FREE paper.

Looking Back: This was us while waiting for the first copies of XPRESS to roll out of the presses on the early hours of 15 March 2007.....

On the day -- and night -- we produced issue #53, I purposedly wore the same red floral shirt to remember my original XPRESS mates like Radhina, Chris and Austyn and of course, Shatha (who took the pictures).

Here's the original XPRESS team . . . .

Last Thursday, we had a "team picnic" at Safa Park to mark the paper's "big" day.

Francis Matthew, our former managing editor at ANM who is now Editor-At-Large at Gulf News, was there, and so was my good friend Adonis Durado, the creative genius behind XPRESS.
Sorely missed were the guys and gals who were once part of "Dubai's most exciting paper".

See who the survivors are in this footage.

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