Sunday, 9 March 2008

When will I die?

OMG! I just made a startling discovery.

I will die (knock on wood) daw on July 25, 2042, a Friday. I'll be 73 years old by then. I would've outlived my Papa by 21 years and about 12 years short of the age when my Daddy (my mom's dad) died. Napaka-morbid ko naman!

This info did not come from any doomsayer or fortune teller, but a website aptly called as the The Death Clock.

The site will ask for your birthdate, body mass index (BMI) and will ask if you're a smoker or not. If you don't know your BMI, the site will calculate it for you. After everything's filled in, it will then flash the estimated date when you'll probably die and there's also a countdown clock that tells you how many more seconds to go before you write 30.'s a grim reminder of one's mortality. The bottomline message, make the best out of your life by living right.

Go check when will people send you flowers.

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